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Crisis Response in Eastern Europe

This article below appears as it does in the print edition of the Spring 2022 Newsletter. For the latest updates on Water Mission’s crisis response in Ukraine, click here.

The escalating conflict in Ukraine has triggered an exodus of people, primarily women and children, seeking refuge elsewhere in the region. Water Mission is actively working with partners, local churches, and community groups to care for and serve these refugees. 

Water Mission was quick to respond, sending two assessment teams to border crossings in Poland and Romania within the first few days of the conflict. They immediately evaluated urgent needs and connected with local churches and other NGOs in the area to collaborate on how to best serve refugees.   

We are now partnering with local churches and civic groups near the Ukraine border to help meet refugees’ physical and emotional needs. With regard to emotional needs, our efforts include providing Bibles and biblical trauma healing resources to help minister to refugees and share the Living Water message of Jesus Christ.  

Water Mission is working to meet safe water, sanitation, and hygiene needs in Eastern Europe and share the hope of God’s love.

Our strategy is not simply to meet immediate needs, but also to look ahead. Support from caring friends enabled us to proactively ship emergency safe water systems and distribution equipment to Poland and Romania. We are collaborating with other aid organizations on future recovery efforts within Ukraine. These plans include emergency water production and repairs to water infrastructure damaged during the conflict. 

With more than 20 years of experience responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, Water Mission has an extensive background in providing immediate and long-term solutions. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of refugees in Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. In each of our disaster responses, our team is there to reassure those dealing with overwhelming loss that God is with them. 

We are blessed by those who have generously come alongside us as the hands and feet of Christ. Please join us in praying for the local churches converting their sanctuaries into shelters where refugees can find nourishment, a warm place to sleep, and the hope of Jesus. Pray especially for the women and children we are serving as they seek safety in this season as refugees. As the situation evolves, you may visit watermission.org for updates on our crisis response. 

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