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This Christmas, Water Is…

What is water for you this Christmas? You may think about it when you brew a hot cup of coffee to enjoy with a holiday treat, or when you notice the snowflakes on your windowpane. The truth is, water is this, and so much more.

For the 2.2 billion people around the world who lack access to it, water is hope, life, unity, and peace. And these are the true blessings that you can share this season, in Jesus’ name, when you invest in the gift of clean, safe water.

This Christmas, water is HOPE for men like Renold, a resident of Zoranger, Haiti, who lives with a visual impairment. Every day, Renold had to navigate treacherous mountain terrain for several miles with his walking cane to collect unsafe water. That all changed when Water Mission constructed a water treatment system close to his home.

“This is the most significant thing that has ever happened to Zoranger,” says Renold. 

Water is LIFE for children like Josué in La Concordia, Mexico. Josué and his family had to use unsafe well water and he and his brothers got deathly ill many times from drinking from this source of unsafe water. But Water Mission began providing safe water and healthy hygiene solutions to their community. Now Josué and his brothers spend their days playing soccer rather than being sick.

“We see the difference now as we don’t have to go to the doctor often,” says Josué’s mother, Sandy. 

Water is UNITY for communities like Andi’s village in Palu, Indonesia. In 2018, the people of Palu suffered twin tragedies when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region and triggered a dangerous tsunami. Andi partnered with us to share his water well with the local clinic.

“There is safe water and so many people come here, they come at all times, up until midnight. They are all happy to have it, and that makes me feel good,” says Andi. 

Water is PEACE for refugees like Oreni living in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in Tanzania. Oreni and her children had to leave everything and flee their home in Burundi under the threat of violence and war. They were very sick from the water in the camp but their lives changed when we installed a safe water solution near their home.

“We have safe water here—the tap is just a few meters away. It tastes good! Please open more water taps like this one,” says Oreni. 

Thanks to your faithful support, there are millions of people like Renold, Josué, Andi, and Oreni joyfully celebrating the blessing of safe water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ this Christmas. In 2020 alone, you helped us make clean, safe water a reality for more than 5 million people. Can you imagine how many more lives that you could help touch by this time next year? Let’s make it a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for our brothers and sisters around the world with the gift of safe water.

Give hope, life, unity, and peace today with your taxdeductible donation or with the purchase of your Christmas Tribute Cards.

Give Safe Water

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