Christmas 2021: For Those Who Hope

As Christmas nears, we anticipate the celebration of Jesus’ birth—the hope of a Savior. In our anticipation, we’re also reminded of the families worldwide who wait with hope for access to safe water. The global water crisis currently leaves 2.2 billion people without access to this necessity—a resource every person should have at the turn of a faucet. 

Communities everywhere hold out hope for this essential resource. It’s a necessity worth waiting for. Some wait their entire life.  

Grandma Maria Luciana has lived in the community of Santa Elena, Peru, for more than half a century. Five years ago, she, her eight children, and 15 grandchildren experienced the blessing of safe water for the first time, thanks to those who came alongside Water Mission to bring a safe water solution to the community. 

“Before, we didn’t have water,” Maria says. “Thanks to God, we do now.” 

Maria Luciana sits with her daughter, Fabiola, and three of her grandchildren.

Just an hour’s drive down the road is the community of Ocoto Alto, Peru. The only water here is from a contaminated, salty well. Every day, women and children make an hours-long trek to collect safer water.  

“Things would be very different if we had safe water here,” says Cipriana, a mother of two who travels with her donkey to collect water. “All the time that we spend going to collect water could be spent for other useful things.” 

Cipriana, a mother of two, prepares her donkey, Blanco, for the journey to collect water for the family.

Access to safe water is one of the greatest hopes for Cipriana and many other mothers in Ocoto Alto. Currently, Water Mission is working to provide this community with reliable access to safe water.

“If I didn’t have to use the time [collecting water],” says Grey, “I would have more time to teach my son.”

Like any parent, these mothers want the best for their children. Their hope for flowing safe water and the health it brings is shared by parents worldwide. When children are healthy, they have more time to attend school and receive an education. They can enjoy the simple joys of childhood.

“If I could have safe water, we could all be healthy,” says Milagros. When she prays, “I ask that we would not have this scarcity of water.”

As Water Mission continues its work to provide access to safe water in Ocoto Alto and around the world, we ask that you join us in praying expectantly for those who hope: 

  • For access to safe water.
  • For their families’ health.
  • For access to education for their children. 
  • For livelihood and joy.

Pray also that this hope does not fade but deepens their faith as the Lord meets them in the waiting.  

Thanks to your faithful support, there are millions of people around the world celebrating the blessing of safe water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ. This Christmas season, as you and your family expectantly await the hope of our Savior’s birth, you can bless even more families around the world with the hope of safe water.  

Consider giving the gift of safe water this Christmas season. 

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