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Caring for Those in Crisis

Water Mission responded to incredibly complex, often-simultaneous disasters in 2022. We are thankful for friends who chose to support people in desperate situations. You enabled us to provide immediate and long-term solutions following earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, cholera outbreaks, and war. Because of your partnership, our skilled disaster response teams were equipped to deploy when the need arose in Haiti, Malawi, Mexico, Pakistan, and Ukraine. 

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine was in the news for most of 2022—and our teams were there, serving those in need. We deployed within days of Russia’s invasion and have been working to meet needs ever since, adjusting to the ever-changing situation. 

As of December 2022, Water Mission has installed more than 40 emergency safe water systems in Ukraine and produced more than 5 million gallons (20 million liters) of safe water.

Showing God’s Love 

“Your God will be my God because of what you’ve done for me. The care and love you’ve shown is more than I ever expected…”

67-year-old Ukrainian refugee and new believer 

When Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of women and children fled the country, seeking safety elsewhere in the region. Water Mission sent teams to border crossings in Poland, Romania, and Moldova to evaluate urgent needs and collaborate with other first responders on how best to serve.  

We built partnerships with local churches and civic groups at the border and within Ukraine to help meet people’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. We also printed and distributed Bibles and trauma healing resources in Ukrainian. Local church partners have shared stories of people who gave their lives to Christ after witnessing how Christians were serving in His name.  

Boxes of Hope 

“We have received a parcel from your organization. I’m really grateful! Thank you so much for helping us through the darkest days.” —Internally displaced person in Ukraine

When vital water services are interrupted, it can be hard for families to stay healthy. Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies are critical during any crisis. As such, part of our response in Ukraine included creating and distributing hygiene kits to refugees and those displaced inside Ukraine. 

We have worked with partners to distribute more than 10,000 hygiene kits. The sanitary supplies, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and soap in the kits help make life easier for Ukrainian women and children.

Safe Water Inside Ukraine 

“We are grateful for groups like Water Mission that help us get drinking water and give us the ability to stay and protect our city. We will not leave [our city] and Water Mission makes that possible for us.” —Husband and wife in Ukraine
As of December 2022, Water Mission has installed more than 40 emergency safe water systems in Ukraine and produced more than 5 million gallons (20 million liters) of safe water. Our teams have also provided engineering expertise to municipal water employees.  

Many Ukrainian cities have suffered immense damage to public water and power infrastructure. Water Mission will continue expanding our response by working collaboratively with city and regional governments, local churches, and our caring partners to address people’s most critical safe water needs. 

We are deeply grateful for your partnership. Your support equips us to respond immediately, build long-term resilience, and share the hope of God’s love with people in their darkest hour.