Bringing Safe Water and God’s Love to Rural Indonesia

In rural Indonesia, paved roads are a rarity. To get to remote communities, Water Mission staff maneuver vehicles down muddy, rocky paths. Often, our staff travels on motorbikes because car travel is nearly impossible. Other times, they can only reach communities on foot.

Even though bringing safe water to rural Indonesian communities is a major logistical challenge, we praise God that more than 385,000 people in the country have been served with safe water to date. Every day, we are encouraged in this work by the passion and dedication of our partners around the world—partners like you.

Mt. Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church (MCBP), a congregation in Singapore, demonstrates this passion and dedication through its support of a safe water project in Sampuran, a remote Indonesian island.

Rev. Peter Teo stands with children in Sampuran, Indonesia, who now have access to safe water.

In 2018, Rev. Peter Teo, head pastor at MCBP, met a 10-year-old girl during a visit to the island. He saw her carry a pail of water from a lake to her home, which he learned she did every morning. Because of this, she missed part of school every day. He took a picture of her to remember what she had to endure daily.

The girl told him, “I wish we had clean water in our village.”


He promised that he would help find a way to make safe water in her village a reality.

Upon his return to Singapore, Rev. Peter and his church decided God was leading them to support the construction of a safe water solution on the island, and in early 2020, the project in Sampuran was completed. Now the community of 700 people has access to safe water that can be used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

After the water project was completed, Rev. Peter and MCBP members returned to the island. Rev. Peter searched for the girl to show her the picture he had kept for two years. Ever since his first trip to Sampuran, this photo served as an inspiration to him and to his congregation as they intentionally searched for ways to live out God’s commandment to love our neighbors.

After reflecting on God’s faithfulness over the past two years and the impact it had on this girl’s life, he shared, “God has fulfilled her wish for clean, safe water. She doesn’t need to go to the lake to collect water again. She can now go to school on time.”

MCBP and community members celebrate God’s blessing of safe water.

For this girl and her community, access to safe water means that they no longer will make long treks to collect water. Children will be able to attend school. Additionally, families no longer need to boil their water, which means they can save the money they used to spend on extra firewood. And most of all, everyone will be healthier, no longer vulnerable to waterborne illnesses.

“We see this safe water project as a God-given opportunity to make a difference in a small village tucked away in a hidden island,” said Rev. Peter. He and his church believe that clean, safe water is a tangible way for MCBP to show God’s love to their brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

To commemorate this victory, MCBP co-hosted a celebration with Water Mission in Sampuran. The party was filled with many activities, including a time for adults to study the Bible and for kids to play games. Members of MCBP joined in the fun, thankful for how God’s goodness and grace brought these two communities together.

This is what it means to partner with Water Mission: seeing communities thrive and taking every drop of water as an example of our collective triumph—a world where safe water is accessible to all.

Thank you for your passion for ending the global water crisis. We hope you invite others into the mission.


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