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Bless Children with Health Through Safe Water This Christmas

During the holiday season, many children have dreams of things they want for Christmas. For Doris, a teenage girl in San Roque, Peru, for many years, there was only one thing on her list—she wanted to be healed.  

Like many in her community, Doris regularly suffered from water-related illness. Her sickness prevented her from attending school or spending time with friends.  

But through the support of friends like you, Doris’ wish came true.  

More than 50% of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people who have water-related illnesses.

Although it required some creativity and a heightened level of determination to get supplies to the remote Amazonian community of San Roque, Water Mission found a way to help. Our engineers designed a unique solarpowered floating pump house sourcing water from a nearby lake. The water is treated to make it safe to consume, and distributed into the community so it is easily accessible. Today, more than 1,600 people, including Doris, enjoy reliable access to safe water

This floating pump house filters and cleans the water using an AC pump, 50 solar panels, and an RSI inverter to convert the DC power from the solar panels to AC power to run the pump.

Now, with safe water, Doris has regained health. She is attending school and hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher someday. 

Now that she is healthy, Doris can enjoy life, attend school, and help in her mom’s restaurant.

“I see my future as a teacher, having a family, and [having] little children,” shared Doris. “I would also like to be able to help people who are in other places to be able to give food to each one of them as they are in need.” 

Doris is thankful for having safe water. Yet, she understands there are still many people in her country and around the world who still lack access to this basic necessity. 

This Christmas, would you consider blessing children like Doris with the gift of safe water and the Living Water message of our Savior, Jesus Christ?   

Our generous partner, Sandbaggy.com, is matching all gifts dollar for dollar this month (up to $20,000). Double your impact and bless twice as many people with safe and Living Water by giving a gift before December 31, 2023!