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Benjamin and Kirsten Watson on Living Out Their Family Mission

Former NFL tight end and Super Bowl XXXIX champion, Benjamin Watson is a dedicated supporter of Water Mission. Benjamin and his wife, Kirsten, began partnering with Water Mission several years ago when they supported a large-scale project providing safe water access to multiple communities in Kenya.

“I cannot express the joy we witnessed on so many faces as we watched…safe water flowing where it previously had not,” Benjamin shared in a later Facebook post. “Water builds hope!”

Benjamin is also a passionate advocate for Water Mission’s work on his social media channels, encouraging his followers to learn about the global water crisis and support Water Mission’s solutions. In this way, Benjamin is raising much-needed awareness.

For example, during Water Mission’s disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas, Benjamin tweeted:

By simply sharing our tweet to his network of more than 100,000 followers, Benjamin’s tweet received 90 likes and nearly 30 more people retweeted it to their own networks.

Another way Benjamin and Kirsten are using their platform to inspire others is through their podcast, Why or Why Not with the Watsons. In the January 25, 2021 episode, “Finding Your Family Verse and Your Family Mission,” they discussed Micah 6:8, their family verse, and highlighted causes that align with their family mission.

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”

-Micah 6:8

They shared about their hearts for Water Mission as one organization that is addressing both physical and spiritual needs.

“Obviously, water is the most essential physical need people have,” Benjamin says, “but there’s a direct correlation there—as [Water Mission] understands—with giving people Living Water.”

Kirsten discussed the burden women and girls shoulder, and the dangers they face, collecting water for their families. “Some of these women and girls walk several miles to the nearest water station,” she says. “So, think about the ability to have clean water in your town and how many people may have been saved from violence … because the water is closer.”

“If these women are walking several miles to go get water, what are they not able to do?” Benjamin added. “They’re not able to go to school, because you have to get water for the family. You’re not able to work or have some sort of occupational training. You’re not able to do all those other things because you’re going to get water.”

Benjamin and Kirsten’s family mission is truly changing lives. As you consider your own family mission, we invite you to join the Watsons in providing safe water and Living Water to our global brothers and sisters. You can do this by participating as a family in our Walk for Water, becoming a Thirst Quencher, and especially keeping Water Mission in your prayers.

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