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Back to School: The Reality

Classroom in Africa
These students in Uganda used to lack safe water access.

Many children don’t get to go to school in air conditioned buildings. They won’t have proper desks, or even chairs to sit on. And worst of all, millions of school days will be missed because these children have no other option but to drink water that will make them sick.

This classroom in Uganda doesn’t have a water fountain. Until Water Missions International installed a safe water solution in this community, these children walked down to the nearby lake when they wanted a glass of water. But the lake water was the same water used by local animals, and it was teeming with parasites and disease.

Waiting to celebrate
The same children gather with excitement to celebrate their new safe water system.

This is their new reality.

These same children left the classroom the day their safe water solution was installed to join their village in celebration. Now they have the chance to get a glass of clean, safe water when they are thirsty—water that will enable them to spend more time studying and learning.

We’ve enjoyed sharing with you our experiences in the difference safe water can make for a child’s education. We hope you join us next week as we wrap up this blog series with one last story of the transformation that can take place, as well as one of the many ways you can make a difference in the lives of school children around the world.