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After the Earthquake: Safe Water for Our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti

On the morning of August 14, 2021, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the southern region of Haiti. The deadly quake devastated communities and claimed more than 2,100 lives in Les Cayes, Jeremie, and the surrounding communities.  

The 7.2-magnitude earthquake has left many thousands of people homeless.

Thanks to our faithful partners and Water Mission’s existing program in Haiti, we were well-positioned to respond to God’s call when this crisis occurred. We quickly deployed our team to assess needs and determine the best disaster response to ensure our global neighbors had access to clean, safe water. Working closely with our partners, we are: 

  • Leveraging the 40 Water Mission projects in southern Haiti to ensure the uninterrupted flow of safe water for impacted communities.  
  • Transporting seven water treatment systems from our Haiti warehouse to meet all safe water needs for 35,000 people.  
  • Shipping an additional five systems from our headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. 
  • Deploying Water Mission engineers to help repair municipal water systems. 
Water Mission quickly mobilized engineers and equipment, thanks to our partners and all those who come alongside us to aid those in need.

Water Mission has had a permanent presence in Haiti for more than a decade. Through established partnerships, our Haiti team has been among the first responders to other disasters in Haiti, including the 2010 earthquake that claimed the lives of 220,000 people. Following that earthquake, our team worked around the clock to provide safe water to 250,000 people. We also trained community members on how to efficiently operate the systems and taught healthy hygiene behaviors to reduce the spread of disease. 

“Assessing safe water needs in the first few days after a natural disaster is critical to avoid the spread of illness. Our global staff are well versed in disaster response. Water Mission’s established presence in Haiti will allow us to reach people in need as quickly as possible with emergency safe water. 

— George C. Greene IV, PE, Water Mission CEO and President 

Deploying safe water systems to save lives in southern Haiti.

Providing safe water after a disaster is a way to show God’s love and bring hope to those facing overwhelming loss. Please pray for the communities impacted by this earthquake and for our staff in Haiti as we continue to assess and respond to this urgent situation. Please also consider supporting Water Mission’s disaster relief efforts today. Your gift will bring life-saving safe water and the hope of Jesus Christ to men, women, and children desperately in need.