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A Renewed Heart: Amidu’s Story

Malawi Suza

As we welcome the Easter season, we are drawn to stories that offer a glimpse of the long-awaited renewal of our weary world. The following is one such story.

Not long ago, the small Malawian community of Suza, like many in its region, was struggling with poverty and sickness due to a lack of access to safe water. It was in the midst of this struggle that Water Mission intervened, launching a safe water project that would later transition to community management. As part of the safe water project, Water Mission staff offered Suza residents a chance to learn more about the life of Christ.

A resident of Suza, Malawi, Amidu’s life was marked by excessive drinking and wayward choices. Not knowing what to expect when Water Mission entered his community, he found himself seized by the story of Christ.

“Water Mission came to our area and showed us a film, called the Jesus Film,” Amidu shared. “I was just doing other things [in the area where] they happened to be showing it. It was a coincidence. I felt touched seeing the film, so afterward, when I heard about Water Mission’s Bible lessons, I decided I needed to attend.”

After participating in Water Mission’s Living Water training, Amidu gave his life to Christ.

Hesitant yet hopeful about this new journey, Amidu slowly began immersing himself in the Bible. The impact was undeniable.

“After completing all the sessions, I confessed and acknowledged what I was doing,” said Amidu. “I became a Christian, and it changed my life.”

Right away, Amidu began seeking out opportunities to share the hope he had found in Jesus. Amidu is now known for his charitable activities in the community and has been transformed into a living testimony to the power of both safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus Christ.

“I give food to the needy, the vulnerable, and the elderly,” continued Amidu. “I pay school fees for needy children. I tell them about God.”

After his conversation, Amidu now shows God’s love in tangible ways by meeting the needs of elderly people and orphans in his community.
After his conversation, Amidu now shows God’s love in tangible ways by meeting the needs of elderly people and orphans in his community.

Amidu’s story is just one of many lives transformed by Water Mission’s work. For more than 20 years, Water Mission has impacted more than 8 million lives by providing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions alongside opportunities for spiritual renewal and education. By facilitating church leader training, distributing Bibles, and creating unity across denominations, Water Mission’s Living Water program serves as a bridge between physical and spiritual regeneration.

In this Easter season when we reflect on God’s overwhelming love for us, we invite you to express His love to others by joining Water Mission’s work to bring this promise to those like Amidu.

Will you partner with us to bring safe and Living Water to those in need?

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