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A Gift of Love: Honor Your Friends and Family This Christmas

One of the greatest gifts we can give is our love. Show love to those in need and celebrate your love for family and friends with the gift of a beautiful Water Mission Honor Card. 

When you gift someone a 2023 Water Mission Honor Card, you are transforming lives with safe and Living Water in their name. 

This year’s Honor Card shares the story of Doris, a teenage girl in Peru. For most of Doris’ childhood, she suffered from water-related illnesses. Now, with a Water Mission safe water project in her community, Doris is healthy and can pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher. 

“Now we have water that gives us strength every day. We wake up in good spirits and with good health,” Doris says. 

Here are three ways you can honor those in your life and share Doris’ story: 

  1. Celebrate a loved one. Each Water Mission Honor card helps serve people in need around the world. Honor your loved one with a beautiful keepsake card and the joy of blessing others with safe water.
  2. Thank a mentor. Access to safe water opens doors to educational and faith-building opportunities. By making a gift in honor of a teacher, pastor, or coach, you can thank them for their investment in your life and help kids around the world be healthy enough to attend school.
  3. Encourage a co-worker. Safe water builds hope. By sharing Doris’ story of life transformation through safe water, you can encourage those around you to make an impact. 

This season, pray for children around the world who await access to safe water and celebrate the people in your life with a 2023 Water Mission Honor Card. 

To be sure your mailed card arrives before Christmas, please order by December 15. Do you prefer an electronic gift? Order an e-card through December 31. 

Give an honor card