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5 Things Mothers Want for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, at Water Mission, we’ve compiled a list of…. we’ve compiled a list of beautiful gifts that every mom wants. No matter where they live, how many kids they have, or how old their children are, every mother wants:


All Moms want to raise healthy, happy kids

All moms want to raise healthy, happy kids. But using contaminated water makes children sick and is especially deadly for children under age 5. With safe water mothers can feed and care for their children without worrying that the water will harm their loved ones.


All Moms want to have time together as a family

Every mother wants to have time together as a family. But this is a challenge when they must walk more than three miles each day on average to collect water. Safe water close to home gives mamas time to love, enjoy, and care for their kids.


All Moms want to see their kids learn and grow

This Mother’s Day and every day, all mothers want to see their kids learn and grow. But when kids must walk far to collect water that makes them sick, they miss school and struggle to get an education. When families have access to safe water, children can get an education, have time for their homework, and participate in activities that help them grow, like reading and learning.


All moms want to provide for their families

No matter where they live, parents want to be able to provide for their families. But spending several hours a day walking to collect water limits a mother’s ability to provide for her family economically and using contaminated water to grow food perpetuates water-related illnesses. Having safe water nearby means moms can grow healthy food for their children, run small businesses, and engage in economic opportunities that can help lift their families out of poverty.


All Moms want to build a home

It is a sweet gift to be able to build a safe and nurturing home for your loved ones. But in many communities, limited water means making sturdy home structures is not an option. When safe water is accessible, families can build safe homes, nurture their children, and see their families thrive.

Mothers around the world want to bless their families and help them grow. Access to safe water makes this possible.

This Mother’s Day, bless moms around the world this Mother’s Day. Give safe water.

Give Safe Water

You can also bless YOUR mom, grandmother, or mentor this Mother’s Day by giving a gift in her honor. What better way to thank Mom and Grandma and show your love than with a gift that allows moms in need to love and care for their little ones?

Give Water in Her Honor