International Day of the Girl 2019: A Q&A with One of Water Mission’s #WomenInSTEM

Today is a day for celebrating how girls around the world thrive when they have access to clean, safe water and sanitation! October 11 marks the International Day of the Girl Child, a day designated by the United Nations in 2012 to highlight specific challenges faced by women and girls, along with promoting their achievements and human rights. Women play a massive role in improving our world through their work and innovations, and Water Mission’s female experts in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are no exception. The work they do directly impacts the education, health, and livelihood of girls worldwide. ... Read More

The First Volunteers: Partners in Ministry and Service

Our co-founders, George and Molly Greene, were the first to give their energy and time to Water Mission, paving the way for thousands to follow. Yearly, we have approximately 500 volunteers who donate 18,000 hours of their valuable time to furthering the mission. They assist with everything from events and tours to administrative tasks and equipment assembly. They pray, work, and laugh together — a fellowship that has greatly blessed our staff and everyone who enters our headquarters. A consistent presence in our production area over the past 18 years is Gene Lesesne, one of our longest-standing Charleston volunteers. Gene first heard ... Read More

The First Country Program: A Commitment to Serve and Love in Honduras

Guest Contributor: Hector Chacon, Honduras Country Program Director When I look back at the last two decades, I am reminded of the vision first shared with me by George and Molly Greene, our beloved co-founders: that all people have clean, safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love. I remember the first time I met George and Molly. I was serving on leadership for the Rotary Club of Tocoa, Honduras, and they had been in the country after responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch. That first meeting in 1998 led to my partnership — and treasured friendship — ... Read More

The First Sip: Honoring Molly F. Greene

“We must maintain a position of seeking Him first and praying about everything,” said our co-founder, Molly F. Greene, in a conversation about her hopes for Water Mission. “We need to be available to the Lord.” We take to heart a belief Molly carried with her since Water Mission’s founding in 2001: that we must remain in what she referred to as “a blessable position,” a place defined by God’s call and a reliance on His provision. In fact, it was a response to God’s call to love our neighbors as ourselves that birthed our first safe water project — ... Read More

Rebuilding Puerto Rico and the Bahamas After Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Dorian

A few weeks after a disaster hits, the focus shifts toward reconstruction. Following Hurricane Dorian, the people of the Bahamas have found their homes damaged or leveled to the ground. Houses are now ghostly shells of debris. An estimated 70,000 people have been left homeless by the storm. Hurricane Dorian left catastrophic damage in the Bahamas. “We have nothing left so… we just have to see what [lies ahead],” said Romain, a father of four. He hid his children under a bathroom sink to protect them during the category 5 storm. Hurricane Dorian tore apart Romain’s house. The flooding that the storm caused ... Read More

Including All: Water Mission Attends World Water Week in Stockholm

It’s an incredible feeling to be surrounded by nearly 4,000 participants from 1,200 organizations and 127 countries, all committed to one purpose: ending the global water crisis. Last week, for the third year, Water Mission staff members attended World Water Week. Hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in Stockholm, Sweden, the conference is an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration and innovation in the water sector. A Water Mission team served as experts during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Seth Womble (Executive Vice President of Programs), Lara Lambert (Director of Community Development), Andrew Armstrong (Senior Program Advisor), and Craig Williams (Strategic Partnership Manager) ... Read More