The Story of Enariboo, Kenya

Six years ago, Water Mission began planning a way to provide safe water for the Maasai community of Enariboo, Kenya. After years of extensive hydrogeological testing, drilling two dry boreholes, and months of manual labor, discouragement was setting in.

Through perseverance and faith, our staff and the community continued to believe in the hope of safe water. In the Lord’s timing, we were able to design a solution that serves almost double the original estimated population. Today, the communities of Enariboo and neighboring Kipise are both experiencing the blessing of life-giving, safe water.

It is only through the support of donors and trust in the Lord that we are able to persevere through the most difficult challenges. And because of that, nearly 6,000 people are waking up to new lives, dreams, and hopes! This year, let’s make this hope a reality for more communities like Enariboo.


Collecting safe water in a jerry can | Enariboo, KenyaMother and family collect safe water in jerry can | Enariboo, Kenya