Life With a Lot Less

Ubelia Escobar and her family now have access to safe water!

We talk about money a lot at Water Mission. It is a topic that touches almost every aspect of what we do. It’s also an issue that weaves in and out of our daily lives and the lives of those we serve. Sometimes conversations about money are difficult because, let’s be honest, it can be a touchy subject. But there are other times when it’s something to celebrate.

For example, let’s talk about Ubelia Escobar, a mother of three, grandmother of two, who lives in Barrio Bella Vista, Honduras. With her, the conversations about money are easy and joy-filled because the opportunity to make money has brought peace to her life.

Ubelia Escobar with her three children and two grandchildren, who now have financial peace because of safe water.

For a long time, Ubelia lived with a high level of fear and worry over financial issues within her family. In her rural community, a steady income can be hard to come by. How is a mother with no source of income expected to provide food for her children, let alone send them to school? It’s not hard to imagine the pressure Ubelia felt from the weight of that burden.

Safe water has a compounding effect – very similar to money – and in this story it really shines!

Ubelia Escobar couldn't be happier to have access to safe water for her family.

Safe, clean water serves as a platform for building a ton of positive benefits: health, opportunity, reconciliation. For Ubelia, it provided all those things, but most notably it brought her financial peace.

“I was unemployed for three years because there was no work here. Then, when the safe water project arrived, I was able to get a job! I am now the accountant and manager of the safe water project.”

– Ubelia Escobar

There’s a lot more in Ubelia’s life now, but there’s also a lot less.

Less worry.

Less fear.

Less sickness.

Ubelia and her family enjoy a meal together.

Her children are healthy, there’s ample food on the table, and best of all there’s a peace of mind that gives Ubelia the ability to breathe easy for the first time in over three years.

It’s such a privilege to see how God can use safe water — provided by Water Mission and generous partners like you — to truly impact people’s lives.

Ubelia now cooks with safe water!

When Ubelia talks about her life now, she doesn’t list all the needs or hardships. Instead she speaks about her job — all she’s learning about water treatment and maintenance. She speaks about her children and their schooling. She dresses up and feels proud of herself for what she’s been able to accomplish.

“With the income from my job as the project manager, I am able to pay for my daughter to attend college as well as the school fees for my son!”

Ubelia prepares dinner for her family.

Ubelia has peace in her life. And the peace she has comes in part from the presence of safe water in her community.

So yes, we’re talking about money, but it’s not the point of this story.

Ubelia’s easy smile and quick laughter are the point. The pride in her voice when she explains her dreams and plans for expanding the safe water system — that is the point.

“I feel very good and grateful to God and this project that helped bring peace to my life and safe water to my entire community.”

– Ubelia Escobar

The best part of all? Ubelia gets to experience peace, not just because of what we’ve done, but because of what you’ve done. Every gift given to Water Mission goes towards building peace in people’s lives around the world through safe water.

Ubelia's grandson washes his hands with safe water.

In the midst of all the preparations and celebrations of this busy Christmas season, thank you for taking a moment to remember those, like Ubelia, who are looking forward to a brighter future because of your generosity and continued support.

This December, join us in giving the gift of peace to more communities in Honduras and around the world!


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