A Student, A Mother, and A Refugee Couple: Read the Stories Behind the Christmas Tribute Card

We rejoice with thousands of men, women, and children around the world this Christmas!

Clean, safe water has blessed individuals, families, and entire communities this past year. Here, we share a few of their stories – snapshots of how the gift of clean, safe water sparks joy in so many hearts.

Agnes and her family have access to safe water through a project in the hills above Lake Toba.

Agnes lives in Indonesia with her mother and father, who are rice and coffee farmers.

Agnes used to help her mother, Mareti, collect rainwater during the rainy season. In the dry season, they had to walk about an hour to a small, often crowded, spring to get water. It was not safe water, and they had to filter and boil it before they could drink it.

Through our partnership with friends like you, Agnes and her family now have access to safe water. Water Mission installed a tap stand close to their house. They no longer have to walk miles for water and Agnes can go to school.

Mareti said with joy, “I feel such peace now… access is easy, and we get more than enough, even during the dry season.”

Jesenia’s community has seen transformative change with access to safe water.

Jesenia, a mother of three in Peru, rejoices over the safe water and sanitation solutions that Water Mission installed in her community.

She said, “Because it is clean, safe water, we use it every day to drink, cook, brush teeth, wash dishes, and bathe babies so that my family has better hygiene and a better quality of life.”

The safe water solution we installed in Jesenia’s community serves more than 250 people. By placing tap stands at the school and near people’s homes, the project ensures that safe water is accessible when people need it.

Because of the training they received from Water Mission, Jesenia and other community members have taken ownership of the safe water system in their town. Now they can also educate others on healthy and life-saving hygiene practices, such as handwashing.

Water Mission’s overall approach – learning a community’s specific needs, designing sustainable and efficient solutions, and fostering education and independence – supports the physical, social, and economic health of entire communities. What a great reason to rejoice!

Luc and Agatha, and their children have settled in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp from Burundi.

In 1972, Luc, Agatha, and their eight children fled conflict in Burundi – the second poorest country in the world, according to UNICEF. They took refuge in Tanzania for five years.

They moved back to Burundi once things settled down, but their land had been occupied by other people. Because of this, they became displaced in their own country.

Four years ago, when violence reemerged, they decided to leave and go to Tanzania once again. Along the way, soldiers threatened their lives and demanded money, but they finally reached the Nyarugusu refugee camp.

“Life here in the camp is not easy,” they said, “but it is better than living in a violent situation.”

At the refugee camp, they no longer have to worry about the water they drink. Water Mission has worked alongside UNICEF, UNHCR (the United Nation’s refugee-focused agency), and other relief groups to serve more than 300,000 refugees like Luc and Agatha at Nyarugusu.

They said, “We want to thank God because He has protected us in our journey here and we live in peace. With safe water, we are joyful!”

As we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, we invite you to join us in sharing life-changing safe water and God’s love with even more people.

Give joy by donating today or ordering a Christmas Tribute Card!

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