Water Builds Health

When you support Water Mission, you provide safe water access, sanitation solutions, and hygiene education for communities in need around the world!

When Conswello Chavez’ son became sick a few years ago, she began to suspect that their “clean” water wasn’t very safe.

“I decided to check the bottle of water and realized it had a bad smell,” she told us. At the time, Conswello and her family in La Concordia, Mexico, were buying bottles of clear, supposedly purified drinking water.

Then, friends like you enabled Water Mission to install a safe water system and provide hygiene education for the residents of La Concordia. When Water Mission trained community members on safe water, sanitation, and hygiene behaviors, Conswello eagerly attended and left empowered by the new knowledge.

“I trust in Water Mission because they taught us how to clean our hands and about how bacteria work,” she told us. “They demonstrated that water can be clear but contaminated.”

Conswello can now be confident that the water her family drinks is safe. Plus, no one in her household has contracted a waterborne illness since they began drinking water from Water Mission’s system!

When you give safe water, you enable more people like Conswello and her family to experience the health benefits of safe water.