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Cardinals Pitcher Inspires Change through Safe Water

Adam Wainwright in Haiti

While St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright may be best known for strikeouts and shutouts, Inside Chatter recently gave fans a glimpse into how he spends his time off the field. The story, originally published via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on April 3, explored how Adam is dedicating his time and resources toward being a positive force for change around the world.

As a longtime supporter of Water Mission and an advocate for universal access to safe water, Adam is dedicated to helping provide this basic necessity to the 2.1 billion people who currently lack access worldwide.

“When you see the impact [of safe water] firsthand, it just makes you want to do more.”

– Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

Adam first traveled to Haiti with Water Mission in 2013 to see the transformative impact safe water can have on a community. It was an interview with young baseball players visiting the U.S. for the Little League World Series, however, that initially inspired him to get involved.

“They [were asked], ‘What’s the coolest thing about being over here and playing in the Little League World Series?’ and [the kids] said, ‘Oh, you can go to the bathroom and get clean water.’ Apparently, they would go in and turn the sink on and watch the water run. They couldn’t believe that it was that close, and it was that accessible.”

Safe water in Haiti

Since then, Adam and his wife, Jenny, have helped provide thousands of people around the globe with safe water. Through a long-term partnership with Water Mission, they have collaborated with communities in Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Tanzania, and Malawi to provide safe water services that deliver lasting benefits. Each solution is customized to reflect the unique needs of the community. To date, the Wainwrights have helped serve people in rural areas, stem the outbreak of deadly waterborne illnesses, and care for refugees fleeing danger in their home countries. The success of these safe water projects results in more time for work and education, improved health, and increased productivity for communities in need.

Safe water in one of Tanzania's refugee settlements

Beyond supporting Water Mission’s work around the world, Adam also advises other Major League Baseball (MLB) players, helping them to identify their passions so they, too, can make a difference. His work has inspired numerous other players, including Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Luke Weaver. Adam and Luke traveled to Haiti in 2017 to visit communities where Water Mission has provided access to safe water. An additional 23 MLB players have supported Water Mission projects over the past five years.

LEARN MORE about Adam’s story and his passion for safe water by watching and sharing the full video, courtesy of Infield Chatter.