The Gift of Peace

Felis Lanza’s life was constantly hindered by the fear of her grandchildren getting sick. Having lived in Barrio Bella Vista – a rural community in the northeastern part of Honduras – for three decades, she was well acquainted with her community’s struggle to gain access to safe water.

“I used contaminated water for 30 years, and it made me sick and left bacteria in my stomach,” explains Felis. “The children also drank the water and suffered from illnesses continuously.”

But then Water Mission implemented a solar-powered treatment system that serves the 1,250 residents in her community with safe water every day!

No longer does Felis live in fear of her grandchildren becoming ill because of dirty water. With safe water in her community, she has peace knowing that they can grow up strong and healthy.

Because of your generosity, more families will experience the gift of peace that comes through safe water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Give the gift of peace.