Faithful in the Storm

Hurricane Maria caused wide-spread damage on the island of Dominica.

In a few coastal villages on the beautiful but devastated island of Dominica sit four Living Water Treatment Systems, installed in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria by Water Mission Engineer Nick Mason and a team from Samaritan’s Purse. Through these systems, clean and safe water pumps 18 hours a day, serving almost 7,000 people.

Water Mission equipment waits to be distributed in Dominica.
A logistics meeting to discuss the implementation of safe water systems.
Water Mission tests the quality of water with strategic partner, Hach's, equipment.
Water Mission's safe water treatment system is set up and serving safe water.

Nick likens the conditions in Dominica to those in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew last year – roofs are ripped off, telephone poles are sideways, rolling mountains display only shades of brown as far as the eye can see. In the midst of the devastation, though, communities have pulled together, sharing what little they have left with their neighbors in need and actively helping with relief efforts.

The safe water treatment system operator observes as safe water is distributed.
Water Mission engineer, Nick Mason, poses for a photo with some of the disaster response team.

Among the most helpful local community groups are the Boy Scouts of Dominica, some of whom have been volunteering to work as many hours to help with disaster response as our full-time staff members. Davidson, a community leader and highly ranked Boy Scout, has used his connections with nearly everyone on the island to move relief efforts forward. He works fourteen-hour days with Nick and the team, spreading joy as he sings old Boy Scout songs on drives between communities.

“It’s very special, very unique. It’s a unique picture of what the body of Christ looks like – people of different nations coming together and participating in a part of healing for a place that is hurting.”

– Nick Mason, Water Mission Project Engineer

“Davidson and his Boy Scouts have been one of many answers to prayer,” says Nick. “It’s so great to be in a place where we’re relying on God and seeing Him show up.” The team has powerfully felt God with them, especially when shipments of much-needed systems were delayed by another storm. The team stopped to pray, and when they opened their eyes, the very ship that carried the supplies they needed was visible on the horizon!

A rainbow with the cargo ship holding our equipment at the end of it.
Water Mission's safe water treatment system is set up and serving safe water.

A lot of work remains to be done, but the community members Nick trained to operate the water systems are confident in the resiliency of their island. They will continue to rebuild and to care for one another, as they’ve been doing since the day Hurricane Maria struck Dominica.

Your support makes these disaster relief efforts possible. Give safe water today!

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