Faith Can Move Mountains

Huta Ginjang is a small Christian community located on a mountaintop near Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. For the 2,100 people living there, collecting water involves walking down a steep mountainside to fetch dirty water from an unprotected spring and then returning home with heavy buckets. For many years, the people have prayed that one day safe water would be more accessible and that they would be relieved of this daily burden.

A community member gathers dirty water in Huta Ginjang, Indonesia.

Their unceasing prayers have been heard by God, and soon, they will have their own safe water project in Huta Ginjang!

Water Mission staff assess the water situation in Huta Ginjang.

The Christian community represents a very small minority of people living in the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia. This community’s reliance on the Lord and their faith in Him is impossible to miss. Sean McSwain, Regional Director of Water Mission Indonesia, recently helped lay the foundation for the concrete structure that will house the water treatment system in Huta Ginjang, and he witnessed firsthand the faithfulness of this community.

The power of faith and prayer is evident in the community of Huta Ginjang, Indonesia.

“After finishing the foundation, we all bowed our heads to pray,” says Sean. “While praying, I quietly glanced around at the people and was awestruck by how everyone was solemnly worshipping Christ and thanking Him for answering their prayers. Men prayed. Women prayed. Civilians prayed. Government officials prayed. Everyone was extremely grateful to God for His provision and to Water Mission for delivering on our promise to provide safe water very soon.”

The community of Huta Ginjang celebrates the building of a safe water treatment system.

For a small community like Huta Ginjang, safe water means everything from improved health to increased economic prosperity. The time and effort it once took to collect water will now be spent on income generating activities, quality family time, and school attendance.

The safe water project in Huta Ginjang is scheduled to be completed in early October. The Huta Ginjang community knows that their prayers have been answered favorably. With overflowing joy and inspirational faith, they continually thank God for His provision of safe water.

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