Disaster Response

Water Mission Responds to Disasters

Over the past few weeks, the Caribbean, Central America, and the southeastern U.S. have been devastated by multiple hurricanes and an 8.1 magnitude earthquake. In the wake of a natural disaster, access to safe water is essential to prevent the spread of disease. Water Mission is keenly aware of the need for timely action and is responding to these disaster situations in the following ways: 

  • Hurricane Irma left St. Martin without power or clean water for the 120,000 residents on the island. As of today, we have staff on the ground working with partners to provide safe water to people in dire need.
  • We are still evaluating the devastation on other Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Irma. Once we are fully informed, we will use our resources and partnerships to respond immediately. Staff from our nearby country programs, such as Honduras, are on standby.
  •  In Haiti, Hurricane Irma caused some damage on the northern coast of the island. Our staff has identified three projects that need to be implemented in order to serve people affected by the storm.
  •  Following the 8.1 magnitude earthquake off the southern tip of Mexico on September 8, we are working with partners in the Chiapas region to assess the damage. Three disaster response projects are already in progress.

Please pray for the people affected by these disasters and for our staff as they work to serve those in dire need. To join us in our disaster response efforts in the Caribbean, please visit watermission.org/hurricane-irma.

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