Water Missions Responds Locally

Hurricane Joaquin – a category five storm – caused massive devastation throughout the state of South Carolina in the beginning of October. Hardest hit was the city of Columbia, the state’s capital, just 90 miles north of Water Missions International’s headquarters in North Charleston. Although the hurricane did not make landfall on the east coast, its torrential rains and powerful winds caused catastrophic flooding, damaged roads, ruptured dams and displaced thousands of residents. Coined the “1,000-year flood” in South Carolina, the destructive force of the flood necessitated an immediate citywide boil water advisory for its residents when the city’s water ... Read More

From America to Uganda: a Mother’s Story of Immeasurably More

Jennifer Lawson and her husband Doug are currently serving with Water Missions in Uganda. Jennifer is a mother to two young boys and was kind enough to be a guest writer for us this week as we celebrate mothers around the world for Mother’s Day.  Read More

A New Look On Life

“We are so grateful for this,” a community member of Dei, Uganda, smiled as he gestured to one of his community’s new safe water tap stands. These are words Water Missions International hears quite often on days like this, when community members gather together to celebrate their newly operational safe water solution. For Dei, this day represented a long-fought struggle to save lives in their community. The community of Dei relies the fishing industry of Lake Albert. Situated on the shores of Lake Albert, Dei lives off the lake water. Most community members are fishermen by trade, journeying out ... Read More

Walk for Water: Thirsty Thursdays

Raising awareness about the global water crisis can be as simple as holding a bucket. This year’s Charleston Walk For Water committee dares you to inspire others through their new initiative, Thirsty Thursday. Show solidarity with millions around the world and carry a bucket everywhere you go. Miss your chance to get involved today? That’s ok! You can do this any day of the week, or join us next Thursday. Get creative and then be sure to share your story with us on Facebook and Twitter! For more information, visit to learn more about the global water crisis, decorating your ... Read More

Why I Walk: Dr. Linda Karges-Bone

People across the country come together throughout the year to Walk for Water. They re-enact the daily reality for millions by walking miles to fetch a bucket of water. Their fundraising efforts help to transform lives around the world. Dr. Linda Karges-Bone is one of the biggest supporters of the Charleston Walk for Water. In honor of her efforts, we asked her to share with you why she Walks. Turning 50 was a “watershed” experience for me. Forgive the obvious pun Water Missions friends, but it was. I know they say that 50 is the “new 30,” and I certainly posted ... Read More