Including All: Water Mission Attends World Water Week in Stockholm

It’s an incredible feeling to be surrounded by nearly 4,000 participants from 1,200 organizations and 127 countries, all committed to one purpose: ending the global water crisis. Last week, for the third year, Water Mission staff members attended World Water Week. Hosted by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in Stockholm, Sweden, the conference is an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration and innovation in the water sector. A Water Mission team served as experts during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Seth Womble (Executive Vice President of Programs), Lara Lambert (Director of Community Development), Andrew Armstrong (Senior Program Advisor), and Craig Williams (Strategic Partnership Manager) ... Read More

How Clean, Safe Water and Community Engagement Empower Students in Kenya

In Kitalale, Kenya, schools no longer pay for water to be delivered. Instead, school officials use the money to buy supplies and books for the students. With Water Mission safe water solutions at four schools in the community, students’ overall health has improved. Therefore they have been able to focus on their education. According to the United Nations, progress in education supports economic growth. But on average, 443 million school days are missed every year because of the global water crisis. When children have to walk to distant water sources or fall ill from drinking unsafe water, they are prevented ... Read More

How to Make Clean, Safe Water Last: Poul Due Jensen Foundation and Water Mission Partner for Long-Term Change in Kenya

Water Mission’s values of love, excellence, and integrity are made evident in the two main aspects of what we do: engineering and community empowerment. We believe that these two aspects work in tandem. Together, they build safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions that produce long-term change — the kind of change that we aim for in our continued partnership with the Poul Due Jensen Foundation (PDJF). The Water Mission Kenya team greets a community member at a commissioning celebration in Segera Through the Kenya 23 Next Level initiative, Water Mission and PDJF will quality assess, repair, and expand existing safe water ... Read More

Employed and Thriving: Water Mission Empowers a Father in Peru

An important goal of each Water Mission project is to empower every member of the community we are serving, especially the fathers. “This job is a blessing from God,” said Hildebrando Ruiz Sosa, a father of four and a water treatment system operator for Water Mission in Nina Rumi, Peru. “My family and I are very thankful to God and everyone who supports Water Mission.” Hildebrando Ruiz Sosa serves his community of Nina Rumi, Peru, as the water system operator. Bringing safe water to a community requires extensive involvement from its residents to ensure the project provides a life-giving service well into the ... Read More

Clean, Clear, or Safe Water: How Can You Tell?

Hold up a bottle of clear water to a light, and ask those around you, “Is this water safe to drink?” They will likely say, “Yes.” Conswello Chavez, a mother of three in La Concordia, Mexico, thought the same, but then her oldest son became sick a few years ago. She began suspecting that their “clean” water wasn’t actually safe to drink. She used to purchase supposedly purified bottled water from a local vendor. “I decided to check the bottle of water and realized that it had a bad smell,” she said. Conswello outside of her store with her mother and son Two weeks ... Read More

Gender Gap: Mothers, Daughters Impacted Most by the Global Water Crisis

Alice Kabula and her family
Alice Kabula and her family

For Alice Kabula, a farmer and seamstress in Kiringa, Uganda, to be clothed with strength means having a body healthy enough to care for her 13 children. For her, living with dignity means having the means to provide her children with food, shelter, education, and safe water. At Water Mission, we believe that the Lord desires for mothers everywhere to have all that they need for the significant and sacrificial work they’re called to do. And we pray that the Lord will continue working through us to fulfill this desire. Motherhood is no easy task, especially for someone ... Read More