A Bridge to Peace

Mkinga, Tanzania

When water is scarce, it can become just one more reason for neighbors to fight.

In Mkinga, Tanzania, the lack of water simply escalated existing tensions between neighbors of different faiths, and it was common for arguments to break out.

Mkinga, Tanzania

But now that safe water flows freely from Water Mission tap stands throughout the community, neighbors are coming together in peace and unity. They have friendly conversations as they collect the day’s water, not conflict.

Mkinga, Tanzania

“The best part is that this village no longer argues over water,” 30-year-old Rachel Poul told us. “The tap has brought a certain unity to us.”

The tangible gift of safe water often allows individuals to experience God’s love, hope, and peace in new ways or for the first time. And in Mkinga, it has become a bridge between community members with varying beliefs.

Unity in Mkinga, Tanzania

“The water has brought great interaction between us,” Rachel explained.

Mkinga, Tanzania

“This water has become an extended helping hand to all of us,” said Imam Silaha Mohamed, who presides over the local mosque. “Disease has been reduced, the health clinic has benefited, and we are all very happy.”

“We were really struggling before safe water — there was little access to clean water, and it was far away. Now, safe water is right next to our mosque. I am speechless. I don’t have the words to show my gratitude to the people at Water Mission and in the United States for coming here. The entire mosque community is appreciative and thankful… there is no distinction in faith traditions for giving us this water.”

— Imam Silaha Mohamed

We delight in serving all members of a community — regardless of religion, age, gender, or race. The freedom brought by safe water has become a unifying experience for the Mkinga community.

Unity in Mkinga, Tanzania

Hamis Mohamed, a farmer, barber, and father of three children, said, “We’re no longer [afraid] to have our children drink water, and this is a very freeing thing for us.”

“Before, we never knew how safe the water actually was. We had poor health and stomach issues. We were full of fear about drinking that water, but we had no choice. Now, the water source that Water Mission put in is just four minutes away — a very short walk! We use this clean water for everything: drinking, bathing, washing. We no longer get skin rashes or sick from stomach bugs.”

— Hamis Mohamed

GIVE SAFE WATER and the gifts of freedom and peace to families around the world this Christmas.

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