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Our Partners
Our Partners

Our partners allow us to offer the best technology, solutions and development models to the communities we serve. To learn more about how you can partner with Water Mission, contact us.

Corporate Partners

Water Mission’s partnerships with corporations and foundations are vital to our success. We are grateful to each of these Corporate Partners that have given $100,000 or more through financial gifts or in-kind donations, and we work to ensure they receive a great return on their investment.

Our Corporate Partners benefit by:

  • Having tangible programs that help to achieve their corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Offering their employees opportunities to participate in efforts to address the global water crisis, thus improving employee engagement.
  • Implementing their innovative products in the field as a practical tool in solving the global water crisis.

To learn more about how you can partner with Water Mission, contact us.

Field Partners

Field Partners of Water Mission allow us to install and implement solutions in the field by providing resources such as funding or products. We are proud to work alongside best-in-class organizations in the field including the following:


Networks provide Water Mission with an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other like-minded organizations that actively provide best-in-class service. We are engaged in the following networks:

Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners of Water Mission work alongside our organization to develop context appropriate Christian ministry resources, nurture staff discipleship, carry out strategic outreach activities and provide long-term presence. We are grateful for such relationships with the following organizations:

International Development Organizations

Water Mission works in conjunction with the following organization to implement projects around the world.