A Mother’s Strength

Hortencia Perez and her children in El Encanto, Mexico


“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

— Proverbs 31:25

We should make time to honor women who lay down their lives every day for the benefit of others. Our moms serve and sacrifice — many times going unnoticed, setting aside their own hopes and dreams — for the benefit of their families. At Water Mission, we encounter strong women all over the world, working to provide the very best life they can for their children.

Hortencia draws water for her family
Hortencia Perez, mother of six in El Encanto, Mexico, draws water for her family.

Hortencia Perez is a perfect example. A single mother of six in the small community of El Encanto, Mexico, she works tirelessly as a housekeeper to provide for her family. She was thrilled when Water Mission installed a safe water treatment system in her community.

Hortencia draws water for her family

Hortencia sees the system as a prayer answered by God. For her family, the safe water provided means so much. It means no more sickness, more financial stability, and one less thing to worry over.

“This clean water helps keep us healthy and helps our budget because the water is very affordable.”

— Hortencia Perez

Hortencia has been a huge supporter of the Water Mission project in El Encanto since the beginning. She attends safe water meetings and volunteers as a way to express her gratitude.

Hortencia Perez

“I go to the Water Mission meetings and support the water project. I am trying to do all I can to help Water Mission because it is good what they are doing. Our water used to come from a shallow well in our yard. It’s not safe and we suffered from [waterborne diseases].”

— Hortencia Perez

A mother’s work is never done. But with the safe water treatment system in place, the weight on Hortencia’s capable shoulders is lessened. Now she is able to better provide for her family and invest in quality time with her children.

“Thank you for doing this because it is a great help to us. The water is so important.”

— Hortencia Perez

Honor the strength of mothers around the world through the gift of safe water.


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