A Heart to Help

Water Mission Peru staff carry a generator into a community.

Randal and Marilyn Messick from Georgetown, Texas, are a couple with a tremendous heart for helping others. Randal is retired law enforcement, after serving as a State Trooper on the Texas-Mexico border. Marilyn was a hospice nurse and also served as a field nurse in Peru and across Africa in the 1980s.

Randal and Marilyn Messick partner with Water Mission to provide safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus to people in Peru.
A Water Mission safe water project in Peru is being constructed.

Through their partnership with Water Mission, the Messicks have supported a project in Belen de Urco, Peru, that is providing the entire community access to safe water. Water Mission Peru staff members are currently assessing the second tier of the project – sanitation solutions including Healthy Latrines for the whole community.

Water Mission Peru staff train community safe water committee members on proper hygiene practices.

While shopping with her granddaughter in Texas, Marilyn recently met a woman from Peru. After Marilyn shared her passion for safe water and the work they are supporting, the woman stopped her. In unbelief, the woman explained that her parents actually live in the small community of Belen de Urco!

Water Mission Peru staff conduct a WASH training course with the safe water committee.

“You know,” Marilyn said expressing her awe at God’s timing, “sometimes God speaks to you in whispers, and sometimes He shouts it out so there is no mistaking His presence in our lives.”

For the Messicks, it is a joy to be a part of the Lord’s work in providing safe and Living Water.

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  1. Praveen Tiwari October 11, 2017
    Praveen Tiwari October 11, 2017

    Kudos to you guys. The efforts you both made is really appreciable.

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