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5 Global Sanitation Truths You Might Not Know

1. 40% of the World Lacks a Toilet

Roughly 2.65 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. That’s one in three people who don’t have a toilet.

Mexico Sanitation
This makeshift latrine in Mexico is a far cry from adequate sanitation.

2. Toilets Promote Gender Equality

In many places around the world, girls drop out of school when they hit puberty, simply because of the bathrooms. Without a toilet and washing facility that’s private, safe, or available, girls avoid going to school because of menstrual health and lack of adequate facilities. Access to adequate sanitation empowers girls to attend school and take advantage of the opportunities education brings.

Adequate Sanitation
Water Missions International has built nearly 17,000 latrines in Latin America and Haiti.

3. Diarrhea Leads To Death

More than 4,000 children under the age of five die every day due to diarrheal illness. That means one child dies every 20 seconds. Countless lives could be saved with access to adequate sanitation facilities.

Latrine Construction
Now that they have access to proper sanitation, these children stand a better chance at living healthier, longer lives.

4. Good Sanitation Ends Poverty

Historically, improved sanitation has heralded economic prosperity. With access to adequate sanitation, people begin to become healthier, which gives them the energy and time to increase the time they work and spend in school.

Improvised Bathroom
This kind of improvised bathroom is common in developing countries, but poor sanitation traps people in a cycle of poverty.

5. WMI Has A Solution

Water Missions International has a way to give those in need affordable, adequate sanitation with our Health Latrines™. In our proposed health impact study, we want to find out if this is truly the best solution or if there is an alternative that is even better. Join us in ending the global sanitation crisis today.

The Solution
Water Missions International has designed a latrine that will meet the sanitation needs of rural communities in developing nations.

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