Investing in Relationships: 2018 Indonesia Workshop

2018 Indonesia Workshop

Water Mission routinely organizes learning workshops for staff to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement across global programs. Purposefully calling these “workshops” rather than “trainings,” Water Mission aims to emphasize the importance of two-way conversation. Charleston staff members attend to share updates from headquarters, gain insights from the field, and facilitate conversations focused on best practices.

2018 Indonesia Workshop

In January, staff from Charleston and Indonesia gathered for an engineering and community development workshop. They presented updates on strategy, global standards, innovations in engineering, and community development processes.

At a breakout session, the group discussed complex obstacles and potential solutions for a few specific community projects. Team members detailed the successes and difficulties of implementing and sustaining projects using performance statistics from Water Mission’s proprietary data management platforms.

Breakout sessions at the workshop

Breakout sessions

The group visited several projects, giving Charleston staff members the chance to see firsthand some of the challenges the Indonesian team faces. The final day of the conference was devoted to project management and developing a long-term support strategy for the Indonesia program.

Visiting communities together

According to Indonesia Country Director Jan Daniel, the highlight of the conference was the opportunity to gather staff from all three Indonesia offices and the Charleston headquarters together for a week of fellowship, learning, and worship. “In communities,” he said, “it’s critical to develop a relationship in order to build trust and ensure the sustainability of the water project.” In the Water Mission family, staff relationships are equally important.

Sharing meals together

“God was driving the conversations we were having and He helped us develop deeper bonds… [The Indonesia team] knows who’s there to support them — their brothers and sisters around the world.”

– Sean McSwain, Director of Partnership Support

Visiting communities together

Water Mission is committed to maintaining high global standards, and workshops are an intentional way of discerning and tackling the challenges international staff experience every day. Understanding cultural obstacles and investing in supportive relationships with staff around the world are key to building best-in-class programs.

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